Living in Jacksonville, NC versus Living in San Diego, Ca

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Samantha Deal As a military brat, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina; and have lived here for most of my life. Recently our family was stationed in San Diego, California, and the move was a great eye-opener for me. When I moved to San Diego, I was surprised by the diversity of cultures, the abundance of activities, and how the crowds of people never stopped. It is an excellent place for people who enjoy being amongst other people; there is never a lack of entertainment day or night. Jacksonville, North Carolina on the other hand, is more for people who like a relaxed and quiet family oriented lifestyle. The city of Jacksonville, and Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base are home to 170,000 Marines, Sailors, retirees, and civilians. There are plenty of things to do in Jacksonville, the only problem is you have to look for them. For example, on the Jacksonville website, there are seafood festivals to attend, crab boils, and beach events among other things. We have deep sea fishing for blue marlin with a top prize of $1,000,000 which attracts people from all over the country. People can join the “Clean and Green Jacksonville initiative” which entails improving, and maintaining the parks, roadways, and landscapes. Also, the Sturgeon City Institute is focused on bringing back the endangered Sturgeon to the New River. In addition, Rails and Trails, it is a jogging and biking path that starts downtown and ends at Camp Lejeune; and

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