Living in a Global Society Rubric

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Living in a Global Society

Integrated Unit Assignment and Rubric/Feedback Sheet

Description: Teacher candidates will develop an instructional unit based on a realistic fiction trade book.

Additional information:

1. The selected trade book will have part or all of its setting in a country other than the United States of America.

2. The unit will display integration of language arts (English usage, writing/composition, and spelling), reading (comprehension and fluency), math, science, social studies, the arts, physical education, and student use of technology.

a. The arts, physical education, and technology will need to be integrated into only one lesson each somewhere within your unit. These do not need to be done on a daily
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|Aspect of Assignment | Possible points |
|Cover sheet (Candidate’s name, course, semester & year, Integrated Unit based on … (name of trade book), level of |-10 if missing or |
|instruction |incomplete |
|Plan book sheet completeness & clarity |10 |
|Lesson plans in Elementary Lesson Plan Format, completeness, and clarity |10 |
|Curriculum integration |10 |
|Language arts strategies |10 |
|Reading strategies |10 |
|Math strategies |10 |
|Science strategies