Living in a World with Danger and Killing

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We live in a world, where war is a constant danger and is a recurring issue in our lives. Death and violence are constant topics of discussion throughout the media and most Americans have grown accustomed to hearing about these issues on a daily basis. It seems that the reaching ideal of global peace is an impossible feat and that justice will never be reached. Nations throughout the world have made the promise “We will never fight again” on numerous occasions, yet the world is still afflicted with wars, mass killings and political turmoil. As citizens of a world population we have become too consumed with the pursuit of wealth and power and the lofty ideals of world unity have fallen by the wayside. Globally, almost everyone would prefer to live in a world of peace. Peace may seem to be a simple world, but in reality it is a difficult concept to comprehend and has proven to be an insurmountable problem. Historically, there have been several attempts at creating international bodies to promote peace, but none have been effective. In many instances throughout history disastrous calamities could have been avoided, but for a lack of a competent international lawmaking body. The mass killings that occurred in Rwanda are a perfect example of a failure of an international lawmaking body. In this case, the United Nations had extremely accurate information about what was occurring in Rwanda, but they stood by and let the killings of hundreds of thousands of people take place
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