Living like A Zombie with ADHD

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Zombies; slow paced, slight dementia, loss of muscular coordination, acute pain in the joints and overall numbness. (Harris, 2009) No zombies are not real but the same life altering effects can happen to an ADHD patient. Living with ADHD has the same zombie like effect while taking medication to control this disorder. Over time a person with ADHD might not have control over their body, and lives the life of mindless, immobile effects like a zombie. ADHD patients’ lives are like zombies because of medication, brain functions and the isolation they deal with. First medication is known for having mind altering effects, therefore taking certain kinds of medication can cause a person with ADHD to experience zombie like effects. As an illustration methylphenidate’s (Ritalin) side effects can cause slow speech, weakness of an arm or leg, blistering or peeling skin and swallowing breathing (NIH, 2013). Medication like Ritalin may cause a child to act like a zombie unable to speak well, walk proper or even acquire blurred vision. Zora Hurston ( anthropologists) states that different drugs can put a person into a zombie like state( Davis, 1984).Over medicating a person with ADHD can cause zombie –like conditions as well by placing them into a vegetated state .It’s known that medication can modify a person’s behavior causing them drowsiness and no will to do anything. Although these side effects will go away if stop taking this medication, but the condition of the ADHD
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