Essay Living with Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease slowly steals a person’s dignity and erases precious memories. The “Alzheimer’s Disease Guide”, found on WebMD explains that tasks become more difficult to do often leading to confusion and behavior changes. The article further explains the progression of the disease also brings hardship to family and friends (1). To best cope with Alzheimer’s we must better understand the disease. Alzheimer’s disease can often be seen during autopsies of the brain. In her book, Can’t Remember what I Forgot, Sue Halpern explains that Alois Alzheimer first discovered the tangles of protein on the brain of a 56 year old woman suspected of having Alzheimer’s (115-116). In the book A Dignified Life, Virginia Bell and David…show more content…
In the pamphlet Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease, the Alzheimer’s Association adds late onset, traditionally known simply as Alzheimer’s, targets primarily people 65 and older. The disease follows a series of steps from mild decline with little noticed changes to very severe cognitive decline where the final stage of the disease is in progress (Basic 19-21). Throughout the stages, independence becomes lost and family members will become care takers and in the later stages nursing homes or hospice may be needed. One book encourages the care giver to communicate through body language, tone, and written instructions to help alleviate as much stress as possible for those living with Alzheimer’s (Living 47). The book further adds when caring for a person with Alzheimer’s remember to maintain patience and to show respect . The Journal of the American Medical Association reports the latest break through in the study of gene causing Alzheimer’s has pointed to two genes, chromosomes 2 and 19 that cause the disease (7). The article also points out another gene, A polipoprotein E-e4, is also linked to Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, Jose Vina and Ana Lloret writes that women are at higher risk of Alzheimer’s due
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