Living with Cancer

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Living with Cancer Living with Cancer “Cancer does not discriminate against race, sex or age; there are many types of cancer and there are not always available treatments.” “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood” –Marie Curie. Every year people are affected by cancer. Living with cancer is hard on all involved with any person that has cancer. They will need all the support they can get even if it’s just a phone call to say hi. Don’t feel sorry or pity the person. Instead do things that can cheer them up asking how they’re doing and ask if you can do anything for them. Many find going to support groups helpful to accept the fact they have or lost someone to cancer. The awareness does show favoritism toward to…show more content…
We need to learn to live with what is going on and deal with the situation as we go along. When you start to feel like something is wrong go to the doctor. Don’t hide what’s going we all need support from friends and family to get through the rough times. Educate yourself as you go along and never be able to afraid to ask your doctor when you have questions or even issues. There’s a long journey through cancer, it becomes an ever ending battle that some win or lose. Once you become a survivor even though it becomes a victory it still in the back of a person’s mind if they will stay in remission or if it will come back. Their immune system will always be a bit weaker even after being in remission. Two different people can get the same cancer and the results can be totally different. Taking care of your body has to be the most important thing you can do throughout the treatments. Even though the doctor may not put you on any special diet; it does not mean you should eat nor do whatever you want to do. Eat as healthy as you can. Change your everyday habits. Starting with what you eat on a daily bases. Such as if you’re a junk food junkie you should switch to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Keeping active is another healthy way to keep your body fight of germs. Keeping a positive attitude and state of mind will
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