Living with Multiple Personalities

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Living with Multiple Personalities Most Americans have not heard of Multiple Personality Disorder, mostly because it only “affects about 1% of the U.S. population” (Falco 3). MPD is a dissociative disorder that is considered the most dangerous in its class. Dissociation is the disturbance of multiple cerebral functions that constitute the thought of consciousness. The first reported case of MPD dates back to 1646. There was a steady rise in reports during the 19th century, but concern about the disorder slowly faded during the early 20th century because of patients faking their symptoms and the affairs between therapists and patients. Reports also declined for a short period of time after a new disease called Schizophrenia was…show more content…
Free association is a technique used by therapists to help a patient face their fears in order to get rid of their alters (Mayer 8). Multiple Personality Disorder is a diverse disorder that has many negative effects on the patient. All of the actions performed by the patient are generally performed or influenced by the alters. These alters can become a problem during therapy because after therapy sessions, new alters appear. Some of these alters are responsible for denying that the patient has any disorders, which can make the disorder significantly harder to cure or diagnose. Other alters impersonate each other in order to trick the therapist even though there is an amnestic barrier in the mind at prevents alters from knowing about each other. Polyfragmenting, the splitting of alters, occurs after the patient seeks medical attention. During therapy sessions, doctors have also witnessed superalters, which are combined personalities. Patients are known to commit violent crimes while they are in an unconscious state. The blackouts that are experienced limit the patient’s lifestyle significantly. They are not allowed to drive, maintain a job, or have close relationships with other people. People to avoid victims of MPD because of how obvious it is when they they Rocha 4 switch alters. Patients also tend to have destructive alters that damage the patient and those that get in the
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