Liz Spaulding Research Paper

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Oftentimes, human beings picture successful people as rich and powerful. Liz Spaulding, a loving mother, wife and teacher’s aide, however, is successful not only because of her college degree but because she is hardworking, understanding, and caring. After being asked when Spaulding considered herself a success she responded, “I considered myself a success when my children began to make names for themselves throughout their high school careers. It was at that moment that I realized I was both a successful mother and wife.” Clearly, Spaulding’s opinion of when she considered herself a success is agreeable. Any parent that can positively raise children is a success. Parenting can be difficult at times, so the fact that she raised a high achieving family is impressive.…show more content…
I knew that I could do anything if I could successfully do the hardest job of all - being a parent.” Obviously, Spaulding desires success. Even after Spaulding reached a point of success she continued to make improvements. A person who makes self-improvements is clearly successful. One major part of Spaulding’s personality is her ability to care and relate to others. In an article labeled “Keys to Success” from, author Eric Barker states, “in this effort to influence others, it is clearly useful to be able to understand them, their interests and attitudes, and how to reach them” (2). Obviously, Spaulding’s sensitivity to others helped shape her into a successful individual. Spaulding often times an effort to care for and relate to her students, husband and
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