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Liza Dellaratta Ms. Crouse US Gov. 2/28/17 Congress Quarter 3 Writing Assignment Part 1: What is Congress? A bicameral legislature is a legislature in which there are two houses where each house has a specific jobs to attend to. There are many reasons as to why a bicameral legislature exist, some of them include; historical, practical, and theoretical. The historical reasons are given to us by British Parliament who insisted on having a two house government dating back to the 1300s. The practical reasons came about through the framers. They embarked upon this decision when settling a conflict between two states. And finally, the theoretical reason possible, and the most important reason it was put to action was to prevent the federal…show more content…
The federal government puts tax on everything, this allows them to take a percentage of our money away from us and use it for the country. Right now the US in debt and can’t afford to run this country alone. They use our money for several things everyday. However, there are limits to what the can tax such as; they can not tax Church services because it goes against our first ammendment right. For most americans they experience this power in action every time they get payed. Working people that are paid in a paycheck form have dealt with this first hand. Every Time they get their paycheck a percentage of their money is deducted for federal taxes. Majority of the time it is a decent chunk of money that is being taken away from them to help this country survive. This is probably the most often used example of this power. Part 3: What is Impeachment? Impeachment is the act of bringing charges to someone that challenges their integrity and or validity. People in high authority with the government can be impeached for bribery, treason, other high crimes, or even misdemeanors. The House is given the power to impeach a person but it requires a majority vote. Then the Senate has the right to try the person that the charges are being brought on but for this to happen they need a ⅔ vote. This process has happened only twice in American history; once with Andrew Jackson and once

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