Lizzie Borden: A Shocking Murders In American History

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The Lizzie Borden, axe-murderer, is one of the most shocking murders in American History. In Fall River, Massachusetts on July 19, 1860 Lizzie Borden was born. Andrew Borden and Sarah Borden were the parents of Lizzie, but three years after Sarah died Andrew remarried to Abby Durfee Gray. (Taylor) Lizzie has an older sister named Emma that took the role of her Mother after Sarah died. Abby and the Borden sisters never had a close relationship. Emma and Lizzie ended up calling Abby “Mrs. Borden” and they always thought that Abby was after the enormous amount of money that Mr. Borden had. The Borden sisters lived with their father and stepmother into their adulthood. Both daughters helped manage the rental properties that Mr. Andrew owned because they thought Abby was only using Andrew for his money. Lizzie and Abby’s relationship was…show more content…
Many of the Borden’s neighbors thought that Lizzie was guilty, so Lizzie’s reputation was damaged. Her reputation was further damaged when she was accused of shoplifting in 1897. In 1905, Emma immediately moved out from the house she shared with her sister and never spoke to Lizzie ever again. Many say that Emma moved out because she felt uncomfortable with the new relationship Lizzie formed with another woman. During the time period that Emma moved out Lizzie was said to have another close friendship with another women, Nance O’Neil. (Biography) They say that when friends with Lizzie Nance learned more about the murder, but never spoke to the public about it. On June 1, 1927 was the day Lizzie fell ill with Pneumonia and died at the age of 66 in Fall River, Massachusetts. Emma read on a newspaper about Lizzie’s death, but she didn’t attend the funeral or send any flowers. A few days later on June 10, 1927 Emma died at the age of 76 in Newmarket, New Hampshire after a bad fall down the

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