Lizzie Borden Murders

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For the past century, the Murders of Andrew J. Borden and his wife Abby Borden became one of America’s obsessions. From the towns’ people of Fall River Massachusetts to the rest of the country, the Borden murders became the topic of interest. The case shocked the nation as Lizzie Borden- a 32 year old school teacher- was put on trial for the murders of her parents. On August 4, 1892, at 92 Second Street Fall River Massachusetts, Andrew Borden and Abby Borden were found murdered in their homes. Andrew Borden, the richest man in Fall River, was found dead by his daughter Lizzie Borden, on a couch in the sitting area. Lizzie called to the household maid, Bridget Sullivan, to come down from the attic to inform her that Mr. Borden was dead.…show more content…
During Dr. Bowen’s autopsy, Mrs. Borden revealed to have been hit nineteen times, killed by the same hatchet or ax that had killed Mr. Borden, who was hit eleven times. Mrs. Borden’s blood had started to get dark and congeal, showing Dr. Bowen that she was killed before Mr. Borden. Over the weeks following the murders, investigators made a timeline from August 3rd, the day before the murders, to August 7th, the day Miss Russell had seen Lizzie burning a dress. On August third Abby Borden had gone to see Dr. Bowen, claiming she and Mr. Borden had been poisoned because both of them had been violently ill the night before. Not thinking her nausea was severe he sent her home. When Dr. Bowen went to check on his neighbors, Mr. Borden told him he wasn’t ill and to leave because he wasn’t going to pay for the house call; Bridget was also sick that same morning, however, there was no poisons found in the Borden’s autopsies. Also, that same day, Lizzie had tried to buy Prussic acid from the drug store, but without a prescription the clerk wouldn’t sell it to her. Later in the afternoon on August 3rd Lizzie’s uncle, John Morse had arrived, only planning on spending the night; Lizzie claimed to have went straight to bed that night and never saw her uncle. Then on august fourth, the day of the murders, Bridget woke at 6:15 to start her daily chores, Mr. and Mrs. Borden woke at seven and had their breakfast. At 8:45 Uncle John left; Lizzie came downstairs a few minutes after
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