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Graydon Schunkewitz
Professor Latourette
April 15, 2014
Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmaceutical needs have been a part of everyday human life ever since we have walked on this Earth. It is a need that is demanded each and every day by different people, for various medical conditions. It is incredible how the medicine today differs from the ones back then, including the way it was advertised and the process of it being made. In the nineteenth century, pharmaceutical companies used marketing tools through advertisements directly from the consumer to producer, usually through newspaper ads. Originating in England, patented medicines made their way across to America in the 18th century. A lot of the times these medicines contained
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This needed to be addressed immediately due to the amounts of different “prescription” drugs that were on the street at that time. This is when the American Medical Association was organized. Starting in 1847, the goals of this organization were to improve the image of medicine and begin to gain control over physicians and their qualifications. Between the years 1800-1840, the quality of education in the medical field declined due to the fact that traditional four year programs were replaced by training in medical colleges. The only issue with this is that once you graduated you were licensed, but the qualifications of each physician varied so widely that there was a motion to have a national conference in order to discuss and improve the American medical education. An important document that came out of these conferences is the Code of Ethics that was infused with the American Medical Association. This Code of Ethics consisted of three chapters. The first, was the “the Duties of Physicians to Their Patients, and of the Obligations of Patients to their Physician.” Second was “Of the Duties of Physicians to Each Other and to the Profession at Large.” And finally, chapter 3 was “Of the Duties of the Profession to the Public, and of the Obligations of the Public to the Profession.” The code seemed to

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