Honors Llc Personal Statement

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I am thrilled to be a USF student for the next four years and want to make the most of my experience. One way I can do that is by living in the Honors LLC, as it is a place that fosters the development of students in both a personal and academic manner.
The Honors LLC is a place shared by people who are similar in values: academically driven, culturally diverse, open-minded, and hard-working. Being surrounded by students who exhibit these characteristics would push me to work harder and do my best. Living with a roommate in the Honors LLC and being able to participate in events with a similar group of people with common values would afford me the opportunity to make close friendships and foster the formation of connections that would be valuable
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I have always wanted to travel during college to study, volunteer, or both, and the study abroad programs and scholarships pertaining to the Honors LLC will allow me to achieve these dreams. I believe traveling to new places is an unparalleled method of learning, as traveling exposes you to ideas, customs, and mannerisms that no textbook can ever teach. In today’s global society, being aware of other cultures is crucial from a personal, business, and societal standpoint.
In terms of my career, I am currently split between wanting to pursue medicine or environmental science. Thus, meeting a variety of people in the Honors program following those paths and learning about their experiences would allow me to learn more about the two, and ultimately to decide which is the best fit for me. Honors LLC events such as the Med Student Forum would be very helpful in discovering more about a potential career path.
When I read about the various LLCs, the Honors LLC is the one that stood out to me due to its alignment with my beliefs and aspirations. The in-hall advising and events such as the Pre-Professional Student Panel are added benefits, but what drew me in is the LLC’s focus on personal growth and development. I am excited to begin a new part of my life at USF as an Honors
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