Lmbar Spine Injury Case Summary

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DOI: 6/1/2010. Patient is a 52-year-old male truck driver/warehouse worker who sustained injury when he was struck by a cardboard roll that a co-worker was handing down to him. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with cervical degenerative disc disease. MRI of the cervical spine from 2012 (no official report) revealed cervical disc disease at C5-C6 and C6-C1 with moderate disc degeneration and moderate foraminal narrowing, worse on the right/ As per 4/1/16, the patient was seen at the request of his primary treating physician, Dr. Kevin Pelton. It was also noted that the patient did sustain lumbar spine injury. The patient complaints of neck pain which radiates over his right shoulder and into both upper extremities. He rates his pain
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