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Lockheed Martin
A Financial Perspective
Professor Edward Kaplan
April 19, 2015


Executive Summary:
As the forefront of our national defense and aerospace industry, Lockheed Martin has provided complex yet highly efficient based technology driven products to their customers. With its business core highly concentrated in the aerospace industry, Lockheed Martin has branched off to include technology systems for global security, defense systems, and satellites primarily for the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies. With its advanced patented technologies, Lockheed Martin has become the largest provider for such services to the U.S. Government. Head-quartered in Bethesda, MD, and employing well over
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Ambrose- Executive Vice President, Space Systems
Sondra L. Barbour- Executive Vice President, Information Systems & Global Solutions
Dale P. Bennett- Executive Vice President, Missions Systems & Training
Orlando P. Carvalho- Executive Vice President, Aeronautics
Patrick M. Dewar- Executive Vice President; Lockheed Martin International
Richard H. Edwards- Executive Vice President; Missiles and Fire Control
Brian P. Colan- Vice President; Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

A significant market strategy and focus for Lockheed is on program execution and first class quality control on production, therefore producing highly reliable products. At the tip, is providing technology to enable US Defense Systems to be at the forefront of all global defense systems. Driving sales while continuing to think of affordable initiatives is key to Lockheed’s growth strategies. With sales comes investing internally to systematically grow and fulfill new requirements for domestic and international customers alike. Learning the importance of Research and Development, LMT also looks to invest heavily in 2015 to differentiate itself from competitors. Investment in growing a strong workforce of smart and critical thinking individuals is key to Lockheed’s success of creating services and systems for customers. With this thinking comes the ability to return cash to their investors in the form of dividends and share

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