Lo que son Los Yerbales por Rafael Barrett

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`Lo que son los yerbales`, written by the Spanish writer, essayist, narrator and journalist Rafael Barrett, denounces la esclavitud that took place in Paraguay during the war in 1864-1870 under the form of a critical piece of writing against the Paraguayan system. This log will highlight the different aspects of language in which the text can be read and interpreted such as: cultural, political, rhetorical and punctual literary event. Rafael Barrett`s essay is divided into 6 important chapters where he reveals a series of conflicts and contradictions in the Paraguayan society where he also shows the intimate relationship with the suffering of the slaves `el dolor Paraguayo` as in the first line of the first chapter `La Esclavitud y el Estado` he affirms: `Es preciso que sepa el mundo de una vez lo que pasa en los yerbales`(p7). This statement, `testimonio` demonstrates that Rafael Barrett wants his text to necessarily be reachable by the world so that they-the Paraguayan society find the truth of what is happening `en los yerbales` so that it can be used as a modern example of anything that can conceive and execute the human greediness; `Es preciso que cuando se quiera citar un ejemplo modern de todo lo que puede concebir y ejecutar la codicia humana, no se hable solo de Congo, sino del Paraguay`. (p7) Barrett himself is a contradictory figure in that, although he was a European aristocrat and a member of the Paraguayan elite, he chose to fight for the cause of the poor

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