Load Balancing Model Based On Cloud Partitioning Using Cloudsim

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Load Balancing Model based on Cloud Partitioning using Cloudsim

Binu Varghese, Dr. K. M Mehata Dean and Professor

M.Tech Student, Department of Computer Science, B S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai

Dean and Professor, Department of Computer Science, B S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai,

Abstract— Load balancing is one of the central issues in cloud computing. Since millions of users are accessing the cloud every moment, the concept of load balancing has an important impact on the performance of cloud computing. When the environment is very large and complex, the divisions simplify the load balancing. This paper implements two efficient algorithms for performing a better load balance model for the public cloud based on the cloud partitioning concept with a switch mechanism to choose different strategies for different situations. The algorithm applies an improved round robin technique and game theory to the load balancing strategy to improve the efficiency in the Cloud Simulator.

Keywords— Cloud, Load Balancing, Main Controller, Balancer, Game theory.


Cloud computing is an attracting technology in the field of computer science. Cloud computing is an on demand service in which shared resources, information, software and other devices are provided according to the clients requirement at specific time. It’s a term which is generally used in case of Internet. The whole Internet can be viewed as a cloud.
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