Load Balancing Of Wdm Networks For Dynamic Route

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Load Balancing In Wdm Networks For Dynamic Route
Maha Elnour Mekki Awoda1, to Prof. Dr. Aisha Hassan A. Hashim2,
1Faculty of engineering, Dept: M.S.C Data Network and Communications Batch No.3, AL – Neelain University
2Faculty of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM


This study deals with the formulation of an effective and efficient algorithm for load balancing in WDM networks. Here we develop a Load Balancing algorithm for IP-like Routing. The considered networks are based on a routing protocol where the next hop at a given node depends only on the destination of the communication.

The aim of this work is to consider the applicability of this approach in the context of optical networks, by taking into account the routing and wavelength assignment constraints simultaneously which is a NP-Complete problem.

Our algorithm performs at each iteration, a basic change in the network by rerouting the traffic to the destination from the given source by finding an alternate path thereby reducing the load on the common link. As a result a single entry change in the routing table is performed, which is very important for the stability of the network.


virtual load, Routing and Wavelength assignment, Load Balancing, Dynamic Routing.


In the present days, we experience an increasing bandwidth demand caused by the exponential growth of the Internet and the introduction of

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