Load Balancing

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Load Balancing in Cellular Network through Cell Breathing network structure being much dispersed, mobile AbstractIn cellular network, teletraffic continues to grow at a proliferating rate. Thus existing networks often encounter undesirable phenomenon like call drop due to overloading of cells. To overcome this problem, this thesis aims to perform load balancing using the technique of cell breathing in a novel way. Unlike previous works on cell breathing, where the radius of the overloaded cell was shrunk, this model proposes cell overlap. Here the coverage area of a lightly loaded neighboring cell who’s AP provides optimum power to the concerned clients, is expanded and overlapped with the heavily loaded cell. This ensures that ongoing…show more content…
telecommunication has perhaps been to bring us humans closer to one another. In doing so, one of the greatest contributors has been cellular phone technology. Thus, we tried to contribute, to our limitations, to the development of the cellular network. Cellular technology not only connects people, it is also playing a colossal role in boosting the economy of Bangladesh. With the increasing popularity of cellular phones and arrival of giant phone companies, cellular traffic continued to

III. Objectives In our proposed cell breathing technique, the mobile switching centre (MSC) performs the pre-calculation as outlined: Before assigning a call to the base station or access point (AP) of a cell, the MSC will check if the capacity of the cell is exceeded, i.e if it is getting overloaded. In case of overloading, the received power of the client (to whom the call is directed) decreases below the threshold. As such, the MSC searches which neighboring AP transmits optimum power to this client and has free load i.e. its current load is less than its maximum capacity. Once such an AP is found, its coverage area is expanded to serve the client of the neighboring AP and MSC assigns the client to this new AP. Thus the overloading call is not dropped and the grade of service is improved. Unlike previous works on cell breathing, where the radius of the
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