Load Measurement For Home Energy Management System With Demand Response

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Load measurement in Home Energy Management System with Demand Response

Dhinakar P1, John Clement Sunder A2, Ramesh S M3, Vignesh Kirubaharan D4
1PG Scholar, 2Associate Professor, 1PG Scholar, 3Associate Professor, 4PG Scholar
1,2,3,4Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
Sathyamangalam, Pin no.638401
1maharajadhinakar@gmail.com, 2johnclementsundera@bitsathy.ac.in, 3rameshsm@bitsathy.ac.in, 4vigki92@gmail.com

Abstract: In this paper we present a load measurement scheme for home energy management system with energy demand management. The proposed system will have control of various appliances that are available in the home. It manages household loads according to their predefined priority and guarantees the total household power consumption below certain levels. The home energy management system will receive the demand response from the utility side. The goal of the system is to encourage the consumer to use less energy during peak hours or to move the time of energy use to off peak times such as nighttime and weekends. Thus the high peak-to-average ratio (PAR) of power will be avoided and also we adopt real time pricing. The utility company use real time dynamic pricing to coordinate demand responses to the benefit of the overall system. Hence for this purpose we need to measure the power consumed by the various appliances that are available in the home.

Keywords: Load Measurement, Home Energy Management System, Demand Response, Real Time Pricing.

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