Loans to Cambodia through Kiva

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There exists an overwhelming amount of people on Kiva who are requesting funds for their loan. When reading each individual’s profile it can be rather difficult to choose only one person to which to loan, for each individual seeks the loan to better their lives or the lives of their children. In order to help myself narrow done the list of individuals seeking help, I created a list of preferences of who I was to give the loan. My requirements were that the borrower be a female seeking to help her children obtain a higher education. Upon placing my requirement I was finally able to find the person to whom I desired to give a loan. The chosen individual was Nara from Cambodia of the Kampon Speu Province. Nara is a 43-year-old woman who …show more content…
Within day of the Khmer Rouge coming into power, Cambodia entered into the darkest time of its history. Two million people were forced to evacuate from the cities to the countryside in which they would undertake agriculture work. The Khmer Rouge’s goal was to create a rural, classless society and would force people to work in the fields for more than 12 hours a day without adequate rest or food. The Khmer Rouge placed a ban on family relationships and began an aggressive campaign to brainwash children and encourage them to spy on their parents. The children were taught to report their parents to authorities and turn in their parents as enemies of the state. Following their coming into power and the evacuations of the citizens, the Khmer Rouge turned its sights on the people in its own organization.
The Khmer Rouge soon claimed that only pure people were qualified to build their revolution. They arrested and killed thousands of their soldiers, military officers and civil servants. In the next three years, the Khmer Rouge would ban religious practice and abolish money, markets, and private property. School, hospital, shops, offices, and monasteries were closed. The Khmer Rouge persecuted intellectuals, city residents and minorities; murdering hundreds of thousands of people over the three year period. During the Khmer Rouge regime tensions built between the Khmer Rouge and communist Vietnam. In 1979, the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and push the Khmer Rouge to
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