Lobby Show Analysis

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I looked at the lobby display both before and after the performance. I was intrigued by the pictures the lobby display presented. The pictures of the costumes, especially made me excited to see the show. I did not really know anything about the show beforehand other than it was a musical about biblical events. In all honesty until I saw the lobby display I thought this show was going to be horrendously boring. I sincerely thought I would hate it. After seeing the concept designs presented in the lobby display I felt enticed by the vibrant costumes and pictures of the stage. I went back after the show and I appreciated the lobby display even more. I love looking at concept designs after I've seen the finished product because you see the progression of an idea. The Snake was by far my favorite animal portrayed in the production. The execution was handled flawlessly. The snake was mesmerizing. It seduced Eve with its rhythmic synchronization. There were clearly 5 people playing the snake, but it was easy to suspend belief and imagine that they were all one…show more content…
We are being told the story by various narrators through song. The world of the play and the audience’s was never separated by a fourth wall. We were watching them tell us a story, but they knew we were watching. We were an audience to a real story. We were integrated into the plot. The audience did not have a major role. It was not as if the fourth wall was ever broken. The fourth wall in this play simply did not exist. Narrators are a very good way to make a play presentational without the audience having to be too involved. Every time a new story started or scene I suppose, we were introduced as the listeners. I like feeling like I am a part of what is going on onstage without having to act on stage. I actually prefer this type of presentational play over a representational play where I am being creepy looking in on the character’s
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