Lobbyism Pros And Cons

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Lobbying is the process in which lobbyists try to influence government decisions made by legislators and government officials. It can be termed as a form of corruption that still exists in the government. Lobbyists try to persuade the legislators and government officials to get laws passed in a way that suits their best interests through heavy spending on the officials which is mostly unaccounted for. There are a lot of loop holes regarding lobbying that exist, which favors one with more wealth. It neglects the whole idea of democracy and places the power on the hands of the wealthy.
The laws that exists regarding lobbying has a lot of loop holes and lobbyists have been taking advantage of that. “As per the current law the lobbyists do not have to disclose the name of the legislator they are entertaining unless the expenditures go above a hundred and fourteen dollars a day and if the amount goes above that several lobbyists can split the amount so that the amount per lobbyist does not go over the set amount.” (Ramsey). Lobbying benefits only a certain interest group and is not in the best interest of the people of the nation. So, tougher restrictions should be placed to address
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“Between 2013 and 2015 lobbyists reported spending around $4.7 million dollars on food and beverage for state officials and employees and their relatives and another $846,000 on their entertainment” (Ramsey). These lobbyist with access to huge funds can easily get decisions and laws made as per their benefits neglecting the voice of the normal people. Laws have to be passed so as to limit these spending from the lobbyist and bring everyone on equal grounds. Also the loop hole where lobbyist can get together to split any amount of over a hundred and fourteen dollars should be addressed. This will help the voice of the average citizens be heard and the laws so formulated will address all the groups of
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