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Wednesday April 18th, 2012 BUS 800, Section 131 Professor: Jim Diodati Individual Case Assignment Turnitin ID# 243102298 Joseph Nicosia 500198044 TABLE OF CONTENTS Strategic Recommendations 3 Appendix A: Industrial Analysis 6 B: PEST Analysis 6 C: Key Driving Forces 7 D: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 7 E: Strategic Group Map 7 F: Key Strategic Factors 8 G: Competitor Analysis 8 H: Attractiveness of Industry 8 I: Mission and Vision Statement 8 J: Value Chain 9 K: Financial Analysis 9 L: SWOT Analysis 10 M: Issues 10 N: Rationale for Issues 10 O: Execution Strategies 10 Strategic Recommendations Issues: As one thoroughly analyzes the Loblaw’s Companies Ltd. it is identified that Loblaw’s…show more content…
A major reason for this is directly correlated to their innovative ways to lower cost and increase profit margins. Loblaw’s must continue striving for excellence and remodel their supply chain, in order to maintain and exceed their company profit margins. Without proactively adapting to new technologies Loblaw’s will fall behind the market standard and lose their position in the market, potentially losing profit margins and market share. Integrated Strategy Loblaw’s is one of the most successful companies in the grocery retail industry in Canada, in order for Loblaw’s to penetrate a global market they must identify, plan and execute a strategy. Loblaw’s needs to identify new market potential internationally which in turn increase profit and gross margins, in order to continue expanding. Such starting locations for expansion that seem feasible are developing cities in the United States that are relatively close to the Canadian boarder. This will make it easier to control and monitor this project closely, because since this is the first global expansion, Loblaw’s should keep a close eye on their productivity to determine if they can compete globally. Their financial records indicate that they can expand. Their gross margins and profits are in relatively good standing indicating that they have more money to payoff expenses and potentially expand. The Loblaw’s philosophy of not acquiring debt and using cash flow to purchase new real estate

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