Lobsters Are Osmoregulators

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Methods To determine the principals of osmoregulation, we sampled two lobsters from each tank and there were three different tanks which the water ranged in salinity. The experiment is to determine whether the six lobsters tested are osmoregulators or osmoconformers, this is done by obtaining a sample of hemolymph. The first step of the lab is to prepare the needle and syringe that will be taking the hemolymph. The syringe size was 1 ml, and the intention is to collect between 0.5 and 1.0 ml of hemolymph. The needle size was 20 gauge, because anything smaller would destroy the hemolymph cells. Then the lobster was picked up with a firm grim around the dorsal celphao-thorax region and flipped over to expose the ventral side. The…show more content…
Therefore this experiment was to determine that lobsters in various salinities will osmoconform to their environment. In order to test that lobster's osmoconform, we had to extract approximately 1.0 ml hemolymph from their hemocyannin on the ventral first section of the pre-branchial region. The hemolymph was spun for three minutes in a microcentrifuge and the serum was then tested on an osmometer, which determined the osmolarity of the hemolymph. The results substantiated the hypothesis, in that, lobsters internal osmoles fluctuate with the salinity of the external environment. The two lobsters in the low salinity tank had the lowest osmolarity 0.746 osmoles; the two lobsters in the normal salinity had 0.873 osmoles. The last tank with the highest salinity had the lobsters with the highest osmolarity at 1.445 osmoles. Therefore our data suggests that lobster's osmoconform, with respect to the salinity of their environment by readjusting their intracellular solute concentration to prevent swelling or dehydration because the osmolarity of their hemolymph dictates that of the environment. Question The lobsters which were put in tanks of varying salinity adjusted their hemolymph osmolarity to that of the external environment, making Homarus americanus an osmoconformer. The tank which had the lowest salinity

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