Local Area Network ( Lan )

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Local Area Network (LAN) Local Area Network connects the computer hardware (i.e. Server, Printer, or Personal Computers) together withing localized area such as office building or home. The LAN is most often connected by wire (Martin, 2016). It is the smallest network generally (Frenzel, 2007). Pros One of the advantages of LAN is the speed (1000mbps), the small number of devices on LAN bring fewer problems like transmission errors. If LAN requires a couple of extra devices it is not very expensive(Jasujaved and Sehgal, 2016). The LAN can offer resources like printers or storage to all users. Every node can have access to every file. (Revision World, 2007) Cons The issues may arise when a number of people are sending prints ques to appear. Network security might be and issue, in the instance where computer virus gets inside of the network all computers will probably to get infected. Hardware cost can be costly when setting up a new network from scratch. Failure of central server affects all nodes in the network. (Revision World, 2007) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Metropolitan Area Network is a smaller collection of LAN networks generally covering an area of cities or towns. MANs usually use fiber optic rings spanning the cities. The example of MAN can be cable TV (Frenzel, 2007). The government, military or large universities are example users of the MAN. Pros Extends the capability of LANs by connecting them into a bigger network (i.e. localized database for
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