Local Community Of An Old Beach Side Town

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I. This study explores how the local community of an old beach side town utilize their local corner market. This study will analyze how the store is utilized as both a symbol of local identification and how it gives cultural meaning to the term “local”. Though my research, interviews and observations this study will show how a local store can identify a person of the community as a local and while at the same time promote itself as the key symbol of what it means to be local. The idea of what is “local” and who is “local” is a concept that has been in the center of American lives for decades. This concept has evolved from simply living in an area to living, supporting and exemplifying the concept of being a “local”. As such I chose a…show more content…
Mankekar article 'India Shopping ': Indian Grocery Stores and Transnational Configurations of Belonging, focused on the idea behind images of India and how those images were perceived to be authentic identifying markers. Mankekar’s article is essential to my research in that it addresses many of the same observable cultural phenomena. In his article he observes Indian shops and markets in San Francisco, while I observe the Old Town Market in Old Town a Mexican market. They both share many similarities such cultural products, literature and merchandising. In this way he helps to explain the utilization of the shop by the largely Mexican community of Old Town Old Town by comparing utilization of shops in the Indian communities of San Francisco. This comparison supports my interpretation of how the community at large use the Old Town Market. Specifically, his concept of what is “India” and how the people there interpret “India” supports my concept of “Mexico” and “local”. Penaloza’s article focuses on how the shopping routines of Mexican immigrants changed as they assimilated into a new culture by frequenting local stores in, Atravesando Fronteras/Border Crossings: A Critical Ethnographic Exploration of the Consumer Acculturation of Mexican Immigrants. Penaloza’s article provides the understanding of the complex process of how the community of Old Town Old Town assimilates to the main stream cultures of the greater Santa Barbara areas. Her article highlights the
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