Local Crime Prevention Program

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Local Crime Prevention The name of the crime prevention program The name of the program is Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives. It is head quartered in Golden, Colorado. Their primary focus is to prevent at risk youth from joining gangs and educate the public about warnings signs for recruitment activity. ("Our Programs," 2012) (Worrall, 2008) A description of the components of the program (i.e., the length of time to complete the program, who are the participants, who teaches the program, and in what setting is it taught, the topics taught, etc.) The different programs for Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives are concentrating on dealing with the root causes of the problem. This means that the organization is actively working with parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, law enforcement, other nonprofits and the private sector to add address these challenges. To achieve these objectives there are a number of programs offered to include: adult, youth / family, after school, summer, daily and educational initiatives. In general, the length of time to complete the program is from a few hours to several weeks. The participants are at risk youth, parents, members of the community, educators, law enforcement officials and anyone who is working with young adults. ("Our Programs," 2012) (Worrall, 2008) The setting can be in a traditional class room format or they can go to the individual's location and work with them. The different kinds of topics that are taught include:
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