Local Economic Development For The City Of Johannesburg South Africa

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1. Introduction This strategic implementation plan below represents recommendations for the local economic development for the city of Johannesburg South Africa. These recommendations are put forward to identify local strategies and actions that may be used to assist with the retention of workers within the South African economy, grow the work force and maximize opportunities for economic growth. . Local economic development involves identifying and utilizing local resources in creating opportunities for economic growth and employment. Successful local economic development depends on local partnerships as well as on national and regional structures to promote and support local initiatives. LED is usually strategically planned by local…show more content…
One of the main factors behind the high income inequality in South African is to the country’s low employment rate. During the year of 2017, 43% of people aged 15 to 64 in South Africa have a working paid job. When being compared, 49% of men currently have a paid job, were only 37% of women have a paid job. In South Africa, 18% of employees work very long hours. This is truer for men than women, as 22% of men work very long hours compared with about 13% of women. The entire South African population during the year 2017 has been estimated to be at approximately 55 million people with a median age is 25.9 Years. The population of the city of Johannesburg specifically was estimated at 4,434,827 within the city limits. Education is an important skill for most South Africans during the job searching process. In South Africa, 65% of adults aged 25-64 have completed a secondary education. When being compared, 66 % of men have successfully completed high-school diploma compared to 64% of women. 3. Our Goal The future of the city of Johannesburg lies in creating a sustainable way of life for all the people of the community. This strategy builds on the following goal: To build a leading, world class sustainable city. The City of Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and one of 50 of the largest urban cities in the world. At current Johannesburg does not
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