Local Government and Local Safeguarding Board

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Abbreviations CRB Criminal Records Bureau CAF Common Assessment Framework DCSF Department for Children, Schools and Families DFES the Department for Education and Skills ECM Every Child Matters ISA Independent Safeguarding Authority Introduction In this assignment I will underpin how the multi agency team can help safeguarding children’s rights linking in to practise, with past, present and future legislation including policies and procedures which have protected children and families and also safeguarding incidents that have changed our practice. The assignment will discuss safeguarding across the board from settings, local and national policies and procedures, what they…show more content…
To keep the children and adults safe all most all settings have a statement for the security of the building, (appendices 2) the policy and the procedure is in place to protect children and adults they are followed and updated regularly when new staff or changes in the building have occurred such as security systems to the doors and even ID badges. The local council have a corporate whistle blowing procedure which my setting adhere to. This is a 7 page document (appendices 3) which underpins the procedure, the aims and explanations in to whistle blowing. Also how to raise your concerns what support you will receive and the procedure also links to other procedures. This is an important document which in our setting is undergoing some changes from recent issues with the Vanessa George case. This is supported by Gaunt, (2009) which states “An early year’s expert has warned of the need for early years settings to have an effective whistle blowing policy in place, in light of the high profile court case of paedophile Vanessa George”. This has a large impact on settings and on practitioners as they may feel vulnerable and fear that parents may lose their trust in the setting and practitioners. All policies and procedures are available for parents/carers and practitioners to read and address any concerns they have most settings sign post the policies and procedures to the
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