Local Indigenous Australian People Of The Land On Which The Student Lives / Works / Or Studies?

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identify and discuss the local Indigenous Australian people of the land on which the student lives/works/or studies. (live) The indigenous cultures of Australia are one of the oldest living cultures in the world. Indigenous groups across Australia have many oral stories about their past, which form part of a great tradition of knowledge. These stories explain the Aboriginal genesis in a different parts of the country and reveal the shaping of a formless land by great ancestors. Aboriginal people of Australia have suffered through many crises, when the British colonised Australia in 1788. Many Aboriginal people from different cultures died at hands of British colonial. There were not a lot of Aboriginal people in Australia in 19th century. Mostly, they inhabit in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. There are many cultures in NSW, one of the oldest culture in Sydney is the Darug, they are the traditional owners of Western and south Western areas of Sydney. The Darug nation is large in size and boasts many clans of Darug people. One of the clans called the Cabrogal. Cabramatta takes its name from the Cabrogal band of the Darug-speaking people that lived around Liverpool and Fairfield when the British first came to Australia. After too many years, when the Australian government decided to grant Aboriginal people with fully rights of freedom again in their country, the number of indigenous people in Australia jumped an amazingly 33 per cent from the 1991 to 1996 census. final
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