Local Roots Of Global Dominance Essay

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Cody Davis Prof. Kristin Reynolds Social Justice In Sustainable Food Systems 21 December 2015 Local Roots in the Shadows of Global Dominance: Establishing Food Sovereignty in Local Food Systems Abstract When one family is capitalizing off of the cheap labor of millions, how is it possible to establish any sense of upward mobility in order to rise out of poverty? Walmart is the largest food distributor in the U.S., third-largest employer in the world, and the six Walton heirs have as much wealth as the poorest 42% of the country. Using the conceptual framework of food sovereignty, this document explains many of the resulting inequalities and the ways in which politics has fueled the development of multinational corporations like Walmart. Introduction “Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations…[and it] offers a strategy to resist and dismantle the current corporate trade and food regime… Food sovereignty implies new social relations free of oppression and inequality between men and women, peoples, racial groups, social classes and generations. (Via Campesina 2007).” The concept of food sovereignty directly addresses environmental, social, economic and
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