Local, State And Criminal System In The United States Criminal Justice System

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The Criminal Justice System

When it comes to the justice system we need to recognize the main purposes of it. Those purposes are to maintain justice and protect the society. In the United States criminal justice system there are three levels. You have local, state and federal. Each level has certain jurisdictions which they have to abide by. For local they tend to deal with crimes within their own city while sheriffs maintain the counties and state police have jurisdictions across the whole state. The only time that federal police have a role is usually when a certain crime has been deemed or classified as a federal crime. Another part of the justice system is the dual court system. This system is made of the state and federal courts that each have three tiers too. Each court system has tiers of trial courts, appellate courts and finally last resort courts or also known as Supreme Court. The jurisdiction of the state courts hear day to day cases, as well as dealing with both criminal and civil cases. While the federal courts deal with federal laws and or the constitution. When it comes down to corrections or punishments, judges have a variety of choices to choose from. These choices range from parole to probation, jails, prisons and even community corrections. Parole usually happens after a criminal has served his or her time and now has to abide by certain guidelines set forth from the court. Probation is a suspended sentence. Usually an individual has to complete a

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