Local Sustainability Site / Project Analysis

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Daryl Richardson
Sustainable Community Design and Development
Topic: Local Sustainability Site/Project Analysis

Gleaming in the sky, standing at 975 feet towering over the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the Comcast Center skyscraper. The Comcast center is the tallest building in Pennsylvania and at the time of completion was the tallest LEED certified gold building in the United States. The Penn Sheraton Hotel formally stood on the site until it was demolished. It remained vacant for years until constructed started for the Comcast Center Tower in 2005. Its original façade would have consisted of kasota stone to pay homage to the Philadelphia Museum of art but was scrapped entirely for clear, high performance glass curtain wall. The tower is 58 stories with a total square footage of about 1.25 million, each floor having somewhere between 23000 to 28000 square feet of rentable space. Its all around façade of high performance glass allows an immense amount of sunlight to illuminate the inside of the building reducing the cost and dependence of electrical lighting.
The Comcast Center being LEED certified gold had to adhere to strict instructions to achieve such status. It was built with a lot of high-recycled content and used many materials and finishes that were made in close proximity of the site. This helped boost Philadelphia’s local economy and minimized fuel consumption and transportation cost.
A high percentage of wood products used in the Comcast center
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