Local University Versus University Aboard

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In these modernized world, where machine were invented by the modern people really help the Homo sapiens species that breed on earth to have an easy and such a conducive lifestyle. But, the development did not help us to decide which one between local universities or abroad universities is the best choice? There have been many opinions thrown toward this issue. So we hope that this essay will help the community to decide and then achieve a better answer upon this issue. As we know, universities are one of the facilities that have been provided by the government for several years ago. These facilities have helped a lot of students from all over the world to gain knowledge and a better experience of life. The universities education that is…show more content…
Students will need more money to pay their fees if they studying abroad as compared to studying at local universities. Nate (2011) notes, they also have to save their money on food and drink. Furthermore, if a person wish to continue his study at abroad universities like USA or United Kingdom, he also need more money to buy winter or summer clothing since every countries have difference climates. Students that study in local and abroad universities also will be exposed to the new lifestyles. There are a lot of differences that can be accounted, the simplest example is the culture. Students that study abroad will experience a new environment and these will take time for them to adapt to the new environment. Getting education in local universities has a lot of benefits. For instance, we can maintain a regular close contact with our families. If students have facing a lot of troubles or too much stress, parents will be able to give them support as well as words of encouragement and some beneficial advises. Besides that, studying locally allows them to interact easily with other local community. This will help them to carry out researches more easily. Students can have more insights about Malaysian culture. Going abroad to further studies also give some benefits to students by gaining new knowledge about other country. Students will be able to interact with many people from different backgrounds and culture. In addition, to serving as a cultural ambassador to dispel

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