Location And Size Of Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

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The above satellite images display the location and size of Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre. Source 1 reveals the site in comparison to the surroundings regions, specifically showing that the Kimbriki is situated in the Northern Beaches region, within close proximity of Mona Vale Road and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Source 2 reveals the specific nearby geographical features in great detail. It shows that the establishment is located off Kimbriki Road and is surrounded by dense vegetation. Source 3 is a map of Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre on the Northern Beaches. The map reveals the location of the site, along with the nearby suburbs and local establishments. Specifically, Source 3 shows the surrounding environments including water, vegetation and developed land. Source 4 demonstrates the process of sorting and grouping similar materials, such as bottles and cans, in order to manage waste. The system, conducted by Kimbriki is designed to recycle the products and reduce the amount of landfill. In the absence of a tip of this nature, members of the community could dump rubbish in inappropriate places and the level of littering in nearby areas would increase. Source 5 illustrates the wide range of facilities available at the Resource Recovery Centre, in relation to waste management. The image demonstrates Kimbriki’s push to collect and sort waste, in order to protect and preserve the environment, primarily within the Northern Beaches region. Nearby

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