Locations Ofall Major Trading Hubs/Land Landing Centers

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Locations of all major trading hubs/land landing centers for vegetables (both rural & urban) in the country. Source: Agricultural Statistics Yearbook 2010-2011, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. 5.4 Vegetable Forward Market movement Scenario According to the available data, it was found that around 10% of the produces are consumed at grower level, 30% at local level, 30% at district level and remaining 30% at distant markets. The vegetable movement map derived from analyzing primary and secondary data is as follows: The movement map shows that Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Barisal are the prime districts at the receiving end where all the urban landing centers are situated and these districts receive. The table below shows…show more content…
The other value chain actors are directly or indirectly dependant on these two major actors. In general the forward market vegetable value chain structure includes the actors as farmers, farias, arotdars, baparis, and retailers. 5.5.1 Farmers Farmers are at the starting point of the value chain, they are the growers. After harvesting they usually sell their produces to the regional arotders and beparis. Farmers prefer to come to the arots/haats as they get better and competitive price by selling vegetables to traders. Furthermore, they can sell all their vegetables at a time to the same arotder and bepari. However, farmers also sell to the forias & retailers (which usually amount to less than 20% of their total production) as beparis reject poor quality vegetables. Sometimes the forias come 'to the farmers ' door to collect the produces. In this case, farmers need not to bare any transportation costs. All transactions are done in cash. 5.5.2 Farias (petty trader) Farias buy directly from the growers and sell to other traders or to the local arots/haats. They are mostly small-scale seasonal floating traders, and some combine farming with trading. Sometimes they take credit from others (like family or friends) and repay it after trading. Forias always procure from farmers as they get vegetables at a lower price. They never provide credit to the farmers. On the other hand they

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