Loci Analysis

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The method of loci is a method of memory enhancement, which uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory and familiar information about one's environment. This in turn effectively allows for us to recall information. The method of Loci is also classified as a mnemonic device adopted in ancient Roman and Greek times. People often use this technique to recall faces, digits, or lists of words. It has been said to have been used as early as the 19th century.
The method was developed by the poet Simonides.He was the only survivor of a building that collapsed while attending a dinner. Simonides was able to identify each of the dead, even those who were crushed beyond recognition. He had done this by remembering where each of the guests had been sitting at the dinner. From that point he realized that it would be
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By defining a journey with noticeable locations along a route you are familiar with. Also, like with any journey, you need to have a fixed beginning point. This in turns acts a guide, which reveals anything else also related to this particular place, thing or point. As far as use today, the method is mainly used by people such as experts, performers, and on places like TV or on stage. It's also used recreationaly in things like competitions.
The Loci method, although known by many names, in some places it has become a naturally integrated aspect or characteristic. Memory is not something that is defined by intelligence, but generally through the combination of it and spatial memory. Spatial Memory is the part of memory responsible for recording information about one's environment and spatial orientation. It's normally used to navigate through places like cities, which coincides with the application of the loci method. This could also be used to attribute to the fact why this was so popular, since the use of spatial memory is
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