Lockdown Drill

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For this class that I was teaching for, the students once entering in the classroom at the beginning of the day are required to take their name card and place it in a poster board slot showing that they are here. Each student have their own specific job, such as cleanup, line leader, lights, calendar person, weather person, school day counter, and student counter. Students are required to clean up after themselves before moving on to the next assignment. Since this is kindergarten, the cleanup person’s job is to pick up any items that they may have forgotten and to put away things such as scissors. Students must raise their hand in order for the teacher/s to respond to his or her question. There is absolutely no running inside the classroom or in the hallways.…show more content…
For lockdown drills it is important that the students practice remaining quiet for safety reasons as the students and teachers will hide away from the door and any open windows. For the fire evacuation drill, the teacher will lead the students to the nearest exit. During this procedure it is important that the students remain quiet and in a straight line. Once outside, it is important for the teacher to make sure his or her students are there. Once the okay is given, they will walk back into the
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