Lockdown In School Lockdown

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Since the year 2000 there have been 45 active shooter incidents. Imagine your child is in school learning, then all of a sudden a shooter enters the school. You would hope that the kids and teachers know what to do. The only issue is that the lockdown the schools are mandated to use are actually more effective at scaring the kids during drills than protecting children during an actual active shooter situation. When lockdowns occur the children and teacher huddle together in a corner away from windows and doors, however this creates a problem when the shooter enters the room and it makes an easy target. Also, the amount of times my school and I practice these lockdowns creates a lackadaisical approach toward the drill, then when a drill becomes a real life situation the student body will be less inclined to take the lockdown seriously. Which brings me to the topic of reforming the lockdown procedure.
During a lockdown you are trapped inside a room with no escape. If an active shooter were to enter a classroom, everyone in the room would be in serious danger. A lockdown leaves the shooter with a very low margin of error when he or she only needs to enter one classroom. The lockdown scenario is what I like to call a waiting game. When a shooter enters a school in “the worst cases the attacker enters a room full of the people he wishes to attack and opens fire. More frequently isolated victims known to the assailant are attacked.” Which happens to be true about the Sandy Hook
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