Locke And Rousseau Response Paper

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Natalia Delgado
Phil 182 - 006 David Ingram
January 31, 2017
Response Paper One
A. Both Philosophers believe that inequality exists in the world and that it comes out of the imperfection of humans. How some people work harder, whether it be from natural skill or from the innate desire to work hard and prosper. Either way inequality come out of the ability of some people being able to do a task and others unable to do that task. Unlike Locke Rousseau believes that inequality stems from people having different talents or jobs. He believes that the pretty, strong, talented, and intelligent surpass their peers and that this is the beginnings of inequality. Rousseau believes that their should be limits on resources. That people should only have what they truly need. Locke saids more that the right to private property
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I would like to agree yet also disagree with Rousseau when he saids that civilized meant “ruined mankind.” Rousseau stated, “With the poet, it is gold and silver, but with the philosopher it is iron and corn, which have civilized men, and ruined mankind. Accordingly both one and the other were unknown to the savages of America, who for that very reason have always continued savages…”(Rousseau 23- 24). In this quote the reader can see the mention of “ruined mankind” The reason I disagree is because without the strives to better man kind we would not be as smart and would not have as much technology and constant improvement in the world. But on the other hand I can understand why Rousseau saids that man kind was ruined. That is because when the Europeans came to the Americas they did not understand the Native Americans way of life and that is why they were considered savages. But in the end I believe Rousseau is defending the Native American life style because they had less, but lived in harmony and lived happily in their own way. This is still a mentality that adds to inequality. The fact that we do not understand does not mean the others are
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