Locker Rooms

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1. Question: What is the value of talking with players and coaches in the locker room after a game, and why did sports writers start to do that? Answer: The value of talking with players and coaches in the locker room after a game is to gain a different type of insight from them. Athletes sometimes observe a portion of the game in a unique way, compared to what you might see on television or in the press box. Sports journalist opted to change their approach towards entering locker rooms, once television became a common way to enjoy a baseball game. Fans could easily see the action taking place on the field, and didn’t need a visual breakdown anymore in newspapers. The addition of an athlete’s insight inside of a game recap, helped add a level of freshness to the story. 2. Question: From the standpoint of "serving the public's/readers' interests," what is wrong with Ted Leonis's comment? Answer: The issue with Ted Leonsis’ comment is that if ownership controlled the media surrounding a franchise, their approach towards covering stories and releasing information wouldn’t be ethical. It’d be impossible to trust the news an organization released since ownership’s main focus…show more content…
One way Smith’s style differs from Ryan, is that it’s extremely detailed oriented. Smith’s recap tells a lengthy story, that is focused on painting an elaborate picture for the reader. Ryan’s wrap-up of yesterday’s game briefly notes the biggest moments, and uses quotes to show the importance of specific moments. Another stylistic difference between Smith and Ryan, is the use of statistical information. Throughout Smith’s piece, he doesn’t mention stats, because his sole focus is telling the story of what he watched. Ryan’s article on the other hand, is flooded with different splits and advanced metrics to display a certain athlete’s
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