Locking My Room 's Door

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Locking my room’s door, I thought of my door and how the scars were on the inside. To visitors the front door indicated a household as normal as any in the neighborhood. I wondered what scars my childhood neighbors kept inside their homes as I walked across the parking lot to a truck stop dinner. The sign said Chet’s and below it was painted in cursive hand writing. You haven’t et yet if you ain’t et at Chet’s. The big black letters were painted on a white background and they made me smile. After I ate, I drove to Stow and began looking for Bao’s address. I stopped at local gas station and asked for directions to Lakeview Blvd. No one had heard of the street. I drove to an AP Market on the other side of town. I asked if anyone had heard of Lakeview Blvd. No one knew of it. The cashier recommended I go to City hall. I drove to City Hall. They sent me to their engineering department, which was across the room. An engineer sat behind a desk. I gave him Bao’s address -- 1776 Lakeview Blvd. Stow, Ohio. He looked at it. He looked at several maps. He informed me that there never had been a street named Lakeview Boulevard in Stow in the entire history of the town. I walked out of the building and across the street to the city park. I sat in the Gazebo and thought. Pulling out the piece of paper with Bao’s address, I looked at the writing. It wasn’t my writing. Bao must have written it. Somebody wrote it. I reached in my pocket for tobacco and pulled from it the address the

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