Locomotion By Woodson Summary

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Locomotion:Book Review
In the book, Locomotion, Woodson writes about a young african american boy who has gone through a tragedy. Lonnie Collins Motion, Locomotion for short, lost his parents in a fire and was separated from his sister, Lili, and are both in foster care with different families. In his 5th grade class, his teacher, Ms. Marcus told Lonnie that he should write down his poems before he forgets it. This book is a collection of Lonnie’s poems. Through these poems, he tells his story and his emotions. These poems were free verse poems, not the regular rhyming poems that we usually see.
Even though the book was a collection of Lonnie Collins Motion’s poems, it told his story fairly well. The readers get a sense of who the characters are; he allowed the readers to build connections, and sympathize with all the characters mentioned. The poems followed Locomotion through his ups and downs. In Lonnie's poem he wrote “ I see Lili standing at the window waving and grinning and I think There’s God” referring to when Lili told lonnie that if he finds god, they would be together again. The Author did a great emphasizing the emotion that he felt even though, they were
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White people are not aware of the privilege that they have compared to other races in their society due to racism and stereotypes. Almost all other races in this society will be stereotyped various times in their life. Stereotypes were apparent throughout his poems. “I go into the drug store and before the guard starts following me around like i’m going to steal something I go to the cosmetics lady….” People have the mindset that mass media portrays for all kinds of races. Black people in society perceives that they are criminals and violent, Asian people are seen as “Chinese” and are math geniuses, and Hispanic people are dirty, knows how to speak “Mexican”, and clean our gardens. The list has no end but those are the most
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