Loctite Adhesive Essay

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Marketing Strategy BUS 37000 Saturday Section Bond-A-Matic Product Marketing Plan Partha Srinivasan
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Bond-A-Matic Marketing Plan
Executive Summary With the introduction of a unique low-cost adhesive dispensing product named as Bond-A-Matic (BAM), Loctite Inc is seeking to resolve dispensing issues such as clogging in smaller adhesive bottles. As a leader in development of high-performance adhesives and sealants for industrial and consumer applications, Loctite has a mission to become the premiere worldwide marketer of instant adhesives for industrial use by 1985. By increasing product awareness & brand recognition for
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The focus should be to advertize BAM as a ‘Product that fits small firm needs’ instead of marketing it just as a ‘low cost solution’. This strategy would reflect better on the Loctite brand and would not jeopardize existing equipment (sold to large firms) sales. 2) Combine BAM advertisements with the Super Bonder adhesive advertisement. This would help to promote joint sales as well as help reduce advertisement costs. The selling point for small firms is low cost equipment that optimizes use of high quality adhesive and reduces total cost. By eliminating clogging, providing faster application and reducing assembly errors (Exhibit 8), BAM will be positioned as the product that reduces mess and helps small firms save on labor and adhesive costs (more under pricing strategy). 3) Include brochures on Bond-A-Matic with 1 lb packages of Super Bonder adhesives with 10 packs of 1 oz Super Bonder bottles. Include product information highlighting benefits such as anti-clogging, no mess/waste (and others in Exhibit 8), a response/ordering card with discount coupons. Sales personnel could follow up any leads that come from brochure response. 4) Include one year limited warranty (include warranty registration card) instead of 30-day free trial to reduce return expected costs. This plan would also go well with the Loctite brand image. 5) Offer bulk purchase discounts and build proper incentives to sales force to persuade distributors and
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