Locust: A Short Story

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There's really no good place to start. I could start you at the beginging but then you woukdnt understand why i three year old has such strong feelings about the events at hand. I could start you off present day and work backwards but then you's just be completely lost. So lets start somewhere in the middle and buckle your seat belt because were gonna hop around a bit. Anyway lets quit wasting time and begin. The address was 819 Locust. It was a monsterous house that sat on a ridiculously small lot. The amount of land alotted to this home was so minute that it wasnt even granted its own driveway. It shared an extremely narrow gravel path with the neighnoring house. It was a two story house compiled of red brick. Not the romantic sort of red brick that was…show more content…
She claimed to be helpless when it came to doing anything for herself or housework. Im still not completely convinced. If i only get one word to describe her id pick "hard". Hard being defined as cold, stoney, an impermeable being. Sometime while we were small children, a time before i have memory, she found jesus. Not the warm fuzzy kind of jesus but the demon possesion, book of rules, and girls dont wear jeans kind of jesus. It sucked. PLain and simple it really really sucked. We we constantly being told how some arbitrary tv show was really an attack from the devil who was trying to posess our young minds. Everything in our lives was heavily screened. She compiled a biblically based school corriculium and homeschooled us. She wasnt about to let the government fill our innocent little minds with anti-christian agenda. She was wholeheartly tried to convince us that everyone was out to get us. Many years later CPS would get involved and She would drill us for hours before the interviews to make sur ewe didnt "accidently" say something that would raise a red flag. She had us fully convienced that they would seperate us and stuff us into devil pocessed foster
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