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ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS FOR “THE DELAYS AT LOGAN AIRPORT” CASE QUESTION 1 (25 points) In the Delays at Logan Airport case, there are different proposals for reducing congestion. One of the methods proposed to tackle the impact of delays was peak-period pricing, PPP. In the case, good weather operational capacity (i.e., both arrivals and departures) was around 120 planes per hour. Assuming that the number of arrivals approximately equals the number of departures, we obtain an average arrival capacity of 60 planes per hour. Although there are three runways in operation during good weather, only two of them are used for arrivals, which imply that each arrival runway has an hourly capacity of 30 planes per hour. During the peak period,…show more content…
Do you believe PPP would have a significant effect if the typical airplane mix were 40% turboprop, 18% regional jet, and 42% conventional jet, as it approximately stands at Logan? iii) What would your answer be if we had a 10% turboprop, 30% regional jet, and 60% conventional jet mix, as one future scenario for 2015? c) To what extend might savings in delay costs that result from demand management offset peak period fees? QUESTION 3 (18 points) The case clearly states that adverse weather conditions are the primary cause of delay. When winds from the northwest become moderately strong, Logan’s capacity drops from three runways (where one runway handles both arrivals and departures, one runway only departures and one runway only arrivals) to two (where two runways handle both arrivals and departures). Arrival capacity in the former case averages around 60 planes per hour and in the latter case, 45 planes an hour. When weather conditions are particularly severe, only one runway for both arrivals and departures is in operation, and total arrival capacity drops to 30 operations per hour. a) During adverse weather conditions which of the fundamental assumptions of queueing theory discussed in class is violated? Discuss how, in reality, does the system function in spite of this violation? Assume Logan’s weekday peaking pattern resembles the year

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