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Logic Homework 1.1: I 1. a. P) Carbon monoxide molecules happen to be just the right size and shape, and happen to have just the right chemical properties, to fit neatly into cavities within hemoglobin molecules in blood that are normally reserved for oxygen molecules. b. C) Carbon monoxide diminishes the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. 2. c. P) Since the good, according to Plato, is that which furthers a person’s real interests, it follows that in any given case when the good is known, men will seek it. 3. d. P) As the denial or perversion of justice by the sentences of courts, as well as in any other manner, is with reason classed among the just causes of war, it will follow that the federal…show more content…
p. P3) Other research suggests that sleep is needed for creative problem solving. q. C) It really does matter if you get enough sleep. 8. r. P1) The classroom teacher is crucial to the development and academic success of the average student, administrators simply are ancillary to this effort. s. P2) For this reason, classroom teachers ought to be paid at least the equivalent of administrators at all levels, including the superintendent. 9. t. P1) An agreement cannot bind unless both parties to the agreement know what they are doing and freely choose to do it. u. P2) This implies that the seller who intends to enter a contract with a customer has a duty to disclose exactly what the customer is buying and what the terms of the sale are. 10. v. P1) Punishment, when speedy and specific, may suppress undesirable behavior. w. P2) Punishment cannot teach or encourage desirable alternatives. x. C) It is crucial to use positive techniques to model and reinforce appropriate behavior that the person can use in place of the unacceptable response that has to be suppressed. 11. y. P1) Profit serves a very crucial function in a free-enterprise economy, such as our own. z. P2) High profits are the signal that consumers want more of the output of the industry. {. P3) High profits
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