`` Logical Problem Of Evil `` By Lee Strobel

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Seems like each day we turn on our televisions, open up our Internet browsers or turn on our smartphones we’re confronted with some disturbing news of people doing unimaginable acts to each other, to animals, to our planet or horrible things happening to people all across the globe. At some point, possibly even to the non-believers, the questions of a higher power and its existence comes into question as we debate on how or why if God is All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Good, how can He allow such atrocities to befallen mankind and the world? The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy defines theodicy as “a defense of the justice or goodness of God in the face of doubts or objections arising from the phenomena of evil in the world.” How could evil exists in a world made by God, the Omnipotent? In an article by Lee Strobel titled, Logical Problem of Evil, he contracted George Barna to conducted a poll to see what was the one question most people would ask God if given the chance. The most common response at 17% was “Why is there pain and suffering in the world?” If we were made in his image, how can we commit such horrors against mankind or any of God’s creations? Merriam’s Dictionary defines evil as “morally reprehensible; sinful; wicked; arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct.” Are we inherently evil? To suggest that God represent evil is blasphemous, so we must be careful not to come across that way in any of our thoughts. When most of us think of

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