Logical Structure or Theoretical Framework

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Logical Structure or Theoretical Framework Problems do not exist in nature but in the minds of people. This can be seen from an examination of the definition of problem: problems stem from the juxtaposition of factors which results in a perplexing or enigmatic state of mind (a cognitive problem), an undesirable consequence (a psychological or value problem), or a conflict which obscures the appropriate course of action (a practical problem). Cognitions, values and practices are attributes of persons, not the objective world (whatever that is). Problems cannot be articulated except within a conceptual system. No inquirer can investigate a problem from all perspectives simultaneously. And that is what a logical structure or…show more content…
It makes it possible to generate a relatively complex set of objectives and questions; it provides a basis for including and excluding literature and research that is actually related to the inquiry by identifying the variables of greatest interest and concern; and it provides focus to the inquirer's procedural planning and choices from initial design selection, through instrument development or adoption, to the organization, analysis and interpretation of data, e.g., research design, statistical tests, making sense of empirical findings. 4. Perhaps most important is the impact of the explicit theoretical structure on subsequent inquiry in the same area. The investigation no longer hangs loose but becomes part of a line or tradition of inquiry which other researchers can check, replicate or build upon. Knowledge growth in a field becomes an additive phenomenon of increasingly useful structures or concepts with which inquirers can work. 5. Without a clear explication of the problem and a workable perspective with which to view it, it is likely that the research project will be flawed by uncontrolled extraneous variables, overlooked variables, faulty instruments, haphazard procedures and the like. "You can't get there from here" without taking this step. A failure in this regard is why so many graduate students end up with a procedural plan that runs them in circles. Defining a Logical Structure or Theoretical Framework A logical structure or
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